Our Team

Our top American Intellectual Property (IP) team works  across the United States, European Union, India
and other International markets, specializing in Life Science, 
Bio-Physics, Medical Imaging, Solid-State
Physics, Alternative Energy Sources and Engineering projects.

The firm takes particular pride in the qualifications, 
experience and dedication of it’s directors and staff.
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Alfredo Viegas

CEO and President

Melvin K. Silverman

Melvin K. Silverman, Esq. is the head Patent Attorney of the Firm, which includes Dev Kumar. He brings over thirty (30) years of experience to clients of the Firm in the areas of intellectual property, including patent, trademark and copyright enforcement, domestic and foreign patent prosecution, and all aspects of copyright, trademark and patent solicitation. Presently, Mr. Silverman’s areas of specific technical expertise include trade secret practice, software and Internet law, protection of business methods, as well as patent areas related to biophysics, medical imaging, information theory, solid-state physics and alternative energy sources…