Health and Pharmaceutical Related

Representative Patents Obtained and Published Patents Obtained Applications



- Dermatological composition and kit containing avermectin compound for treating dermatological conditions (7,897,559)

- Fitness and pressure point treatment system (D639,971)

- Formulation for the prevention and treatment of multiple sclerosis and other demyelinating conditions (6,833,142)

- Insulin potentiation therapy (4,971,951)

- Medical waste disposal system (5,348,235)

- Method for potentiation of a therapeutic agent (5,155,096)

- Method for the treatment of varicose veins using xanthoxylum from a prickly ash tree (5,955,085)

- Method for the treatment of vascular disorders (5,562,906)

- Method of integrated proton beam and therapeutic magnetic resonance therapy (7,640,052)

- Method of treating acne vulgaris using avermectin compound (6,399,652)

- Method of treating benign prostatic hyperplasia and other benign prostate conditions (6,733,779)

- Method of treating dermatoses using avermectin compound (6,399,651)

- Method of treating palmar and plantar fibromatosis (6,710,083)

- Method of treating pre-malignant basal and squamous cell lesions of the epithelium (6,235,788)

- Method of treatment of rosacea (6,133,310)

- Method of treatment of seborrheic dermatitis (6,433,006)

- Method, system and apparatus for control of pancreatic beta cell function to improve glucose homeostatis and insulin production (8,457,745)

- Ostomy bag (4,367,742)

- Pedicure sandal (6,678,971)

- Personal vaginal cleaning device (7,311,688)

- Polymer containing calcium sulfate particles for bone augmentation (7,488,761)

- Steaming device for skin treatment (5,607,409)

- Time release calcium sulfate matrix for bone augmentation (6,770,695)

- Tissue-specific implantable therapeutic agent delivery system (5,494,677)

- Topical agent and method for the treatment of Pseudofolliculitis barbae (5,034,221)

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