Dental Devices

Representative Patents Obtained and Published Patents Obtained Applications

- Analog dental wrench (6,162,053)

- Buttress thread dental implant (6,149,432)

- Buttress thread implant (5,964,766)

- Combined toothbrush with cover and dental floss dispenser (D362,341)

- Dental implant having a dual bio-affinity collar (6,454,569)

- Dental implant having improved osseointegration lateral surface (5,820,374)

- Dental implant system (5,415,545)

- Dental implant system with repeating microgeometric surface patterns (6,419,491)

- Dental implant/abutment interface and system having prong and channel interconnections (6,648,643)

- Dental irrigation drill with internal anti-backwash baffle (6,319,005)

- Dental manual driver (D628,697)

- Dental manual driver (D629,102)

- Implant with enlarged proximal segment (6,406,296)

- Method of bone expansion and compression for receiving a dental implant using threaded expanders (7,241,144)

- Method of fabrication of translucent dental restorations without opacious substructures (6,033,222)

- Method of manufacturing a dental abutment (5,622,499)

- Micromechanical seal for dental implant systems (6,375,464)

- Multi-fluted dental irrigation drill (D351,908)

- Surgical implant system, article, and kit (6,582,228)

- Time release calcium sulfate matrix for bone augmentation (6,770,695)

- Topical agent and method for the treatment of Pseudofolliculitis barbae (5,034,221)

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