Industrial Design

Representative Patents Obtained and Published Patents Obtained Applications

- Aircraft (D298,026)

- Belt or band-like exercise result measurement article with selectable display aspect (7,617,615)

- Cartoon-like figurine (D436,890)

- Combined airplane and pumping station (D419,205)

- Combined hand-held vacuum and car shampooer (D587,867)

- Cooler caddy (D430,970)

- Cosmetic applicator with axial advance and retraction control (7,651,288)

- Decorative flat-screen frame (D533,181)

- Decorative flat-screen frame (D538,813)

- Decorative selectable arms with bayonet clip attachment of arms to eyeglass frames (8,469,508)

- Design for a carrying case for a cellular phone (D420,218)

- Device for cleaning and maintenance of cooling fins of heat exchanger of an air conditioner (6,926,209)

- Disposable thong underwear (7,722,593)

- Door prop for a refrigerator (D418,402)

- Edible shell for holding of comestible products (D634,099)

- Flux compression transformer (5,221,892)

- Integrated mirror and graphics display system (8,074,386)

- Interactive telephone station (D435,530)

- Jewelry having the appearance of barbed wire (6,581,367)

- Kitchen sink spray filter (D519,604)

- Laundry hamper (D462,149)

- Mobile solar generation system (D644,602)

- Multi-color faux art palette system (7,472,450)

- Multi-purpose utility knife (D480,288)

- Optical module for increasing magnification of microscope (8,493,655)

- Outdoor lamp for nighttime grill cooking (D412,591)

- Packaging apparatus (6,516,592)

- Pet cleaning cart (D465,896) pieces (8,317,318)

- Pre-formed taco shell (D634,098)

- Protective hand cushion (D513,962)

- Protective unit for airport runway light fixtures (D442,719)

- Remote control entertainment toy truck with accessories (D550,787)

- Safety switch mounting plate (D336,635)

- Scarf buckle (9,404,676)

- Showerhead (D484,569)

- Showerhead filter (D416,072)

- Showerhead filter system (D417,904)

- Side arm release system for eyeglass frame with changeable temple pieces (8,317,318)

- Sink (D501,245)

- Taco shell (D624,277)

- Twist foldable sun visor for hard hat (D617,539)

- Vacuum solar thermal panel with pipe housing (9,404,676)

- Wheel system including automatic tire repair (7,891,393)

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