Representative Patents Obtained and Published Patents Obtained Applications

- Capture system for waste anesthetic gas (5,715,813)

- Cooling system for a slab gel electrophoresis apparatus (4,612,106)

- Dermatological composition and kit containing avermectin compound for treating dermatological conditions (7,897,559)

- Edible shell for holding of comestible products ( D683,926)

- Gaseous fuel enriching subsystem (5,488,932)

- Implantation of surgical implants with calcium sulfate (6,224,635)

- Method and composition for restoration of age related tissue loss in the face or selected (7,414,021)

- Method of eliminating electrophoretic rate differentials (4,668,362)

- Method of producing 4-nitro-m-phenylenediamine sulfate (6,161,179)

- Method of treating dermatoses using avermectin compound (6,399,651)

- Method of use of natural latex emulsion (6,083,005)

- Polymer containing calcium sulfate particles for bone augmentation (7,863,352)

- Process of forming a metallic article having a clack oxide/ceramic surface and articles produced by the method (6,759,134)

- Refrigerant recovery system (4,903,499)

- System for tobacco smoke neutralization (6,395,236)

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